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The Amish Nanny

The Amish Nanny
Book #2 in the Women of Lancaster County series
By Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

  • FHL Reader's Choice Award Finalist!

"[4 Stars] The second book in the Women of Lancaster County series...is rich in detail, with some of the best characters this reader has ever come across."
   —RT Book Club Magazine

A cave behind a waterfall...
A dying confession...
A secret agreement hidden for a century...

Amish-raised Ada Rupp knows nothing of these elements of her family's past. Instead, her eyes are fixed firmly on the future for the first time in her life. Now that a serious medical issue is behind her, Ada is eager to pursue her God-given gift for teaching and her dream of marrying Will Gundy, a handsome widower she's loved for years. But when both desires meet with unexpected obstacles, Ada's fragile heart grows heavy with sorrow.

Then she meets Daniel, an attractive Mennonite scholar with a surprising request. He needs her help to save an important historic site from being destroyed. Now Ada, an elderly friend, and a young child must head to Switzerland to mend an old family rift and help preserve her religious heritage.

In order to succeed in saving the site, Ada and Daniel must unlock secrets from the past. But do they also have a future together—or will Ada's heart forever belong to Will, the only man she's ever really wanted?

A fascinating tale of a young women's journey—to Switzerland, to faith, and finally to love.


Read the first chapter. (PDF)

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COMING SOON: Women of Lancaster County Family Tree expanded version.

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Amish Reader

Price: $13.99
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3861-7
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