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"Fast paced and suspenseful—[this series] will delight readers across the country."

   —Inspirational Market News

It's time to enter Mindy's latest contests... Check out the ones for Readers, for Book Clubs and Church Groups, and for Book Stores and Libraries!  

For Readers:

This contest offers a way for to help out Mindy and win a free book at the same time. Simply write a great "book club question" for one of Mindy's books and you could be a winner, as shown:
  • Send in at least one but no more than ten book club-type questions relating to Blind Dates Can Be Murder or to any of the Million Dollar Mysteries. (Click here to see an example of what Mindy is looking for.)
  • From all entries, Mindy will choose the best questions for each book to put on the "Book Club Questions" page of this website and possibly use in other promotional literature. In return, you'll be acknowledged by name on the website and you'll get one free book of your choice from the list in step 4, below.
How to enter:
Send your entry via email or via snail mail to Mindy Starns Clark, P.O. Box 38, Dresher, PA 19025.

To be valid, entries must include the following:
  1. at least one book club question that would apply to Blind Dates Can Be Murder or to one of the Million Dollar Mysteries (feel free to write questions for more than one book, but be sure to indicate which questions are for which books)
  2. your name
  3. your mailing address (or wherever you would like your free book sent if you are a winner)
  4. the name of the book you would like to receive if you are a winner, chosen from this list: The House That Cleans Itself, Elementary, My Dear Watkins, A Quarter for a Kiss, or The Buck Stops Here.
Winning entries become the property of Mindy Starns Clark and can be used on her website, in mailings, and in all other promotional material. In the case of duplicate (or very similar) entries, the prize will go to the entry submitted first.

So put on your thinking cap and get to work! Help yourself and help Mindy all at the same time.


For Book Clubs and Church Groups:

A new winning group will be selected approximately every six months. Congratulations to the St. John Page Turners of West Alexandria, Ohio, who won 5 copies of Elementary, My Dear Watkins. Here's a photo of their group:

Thanks to their group's rep, Suzi, for entering the contest on their behalf. Will your group be the next to win? Enter now and see!


For Book Stores and Libraries:

Mindy knows that good word of mouth about her books is an invaluable gift, especially when the person spreading that good word works in a bookstore or a library! If you're a bookseller or librarian and a fan, Mindy has a special contest just for you.

Send in one paragraph via email that explains why you like to recommend Mindy's books to your customers or patrons. She will post all qualifying paragraphs to her website and invite readers to vote on the best entry. The entry that receives the most votes will win a Whispers of the Bayou Louisiana gift basket, which will include an autographed copy of the book along with other Louisiana-related gift items and will be valued at more than $100.

How to enter:
Send your entry via email.

To be valid, your entry must include the following:
  1. no more than one paragraph describing why you like to recommend Mindy's books to your customers or patrons
  2. your full name
  3. the name and mailing address of your bookstore or library
  4. the mailing address of the location where you would like your prize to be sent if you are the winner (will not be posted on the website)
Limit one entry per person; if more than one entry is sent from the same person, all entries by that person will be disqualified. All entries become the property of Mindy Starns Clark and can be used on her website, in mailings, and in all other promotional material. Voting for entries will be conducted on the internet. Winner will be notified and prize sent out by December 31, 2008.

Endorsement by an individual does not imply endorsement by the business or organization that employs that individual. Nevertheless, if you want to enter the contest but need your name and the name of your employer to be withheld from the website, include that request with your entry and it will be honored.



One of Mindy's favorite parts of having a new book come out is that she gets to choose related "promotional items" to give away for free. In the past, these items have ranged from piggy banks to lapel buttons to limited-edition M&Ms. Sometimes, these items have to be ordered in such a great quantity that there are still plenty available long after the book's debut. Other times, the demand is so great that the items run out far too soon.

This page features photos of past promotional items—and information about how you can order those items that are still available.

Here's a picture of the giveaways associated with Mindy's Million Dollar Mysteries series:

Included here are bookmarks, postcards, sample chapter booklets, autographed book plates, website pens, chocolate gold coins, play money packets, giant dollars, money notepads, Louisiana cups and Mardi Gras beads, purple Hershey Kisses, autographed apples, wooden nickels, and piggy banks.

Here's a picture of the giveaways associated with Mindy's Smart Chick Mystery series:

Included here are bookmarks, postcards, sample chapter booklets, brochures, book cover cards, autographed bookplates, The Trouble with Tulip pens, Smart chick buttons, tulip suckers, Smart Chick M&Ms, and Shout Wipes.

Check back soon to see a photo of the giveaways that will be associated with The House That Cleans Itself. This photo will show postcards, sample chapter booklets, brochures, autographed bookplates, and compressed sponges.

As some of Mindy's past promotional items are still available, she is happy to offer them to you at no charge. Please following the ordering information, below, to get freebies for yourself or your group or library or store.


Freebie Ordering Information

Order free promo items here!

Click here to get more information about Mindy's Library Discount.

"If you want a book that's fun but not just froth, then give it a whirl."

   —Mystery Women Magazine