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The Million Dollar Mysteries Series

This series features sleuth Callie Webber, a private investigator and attorney who works for a mysterious philanthropist named Tom. Callie's job is to investigate charities and, if they are on the up and up, donate money on behalf of her employer's J.O.S.H.U.A. Foundation. Of course, along the way, murder and intrigue always seem to complicate the picture!

As the series begins, Callie is all work and no play, still grieving several years after the accidental death of her husband, and pouring all of her considerable talents and energies into her job with the foundation. Tom is a kind but distant boss, a mere voice on the phone. As the series progresses, however, Tom eventually shows up in person, forcing Callie to deal with her growing attraction to this man who seems to have so many secrets.

Tom obviously has feelings for Callie as well, and she knows that she must heal from her grief and let go of the past in order to embrace the future. But problems arise when Callie learns that Tom has ties to her past in ways that she never could have imagined. As Callie is forced to reevaluate everything she thought to be true, she's faced with the biggest question of all: Is her faith in God strong enough to carry her through the test of a lifetime?

Praised for its complex characterizations, gripping plots, and break-neck pacing, the Million Dollar Mysteries series set the bar for Christian mystery fiction and has earned tens of thousands of fans around the world.

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A Penny for Your Thoughts Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels A Dime a Dozen A Quarter for a Kiss The Buck Stops Here

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Learn the answers to your most pressing Million Dollar Mysteries series questions, such as "Will there be any more Tom and Callie books in the future?"
"Where's the email from Callie to Harriet?", and
"In The Buck Stops Here, how were you able to predict the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina more than a year before it actually happened?"


The Song, "Quarter for a Kiss"

Quarter for a Kiss CD "…it's a dime a dance, but if you'd care to take a chance, just a quarter for a kiss…"

This romantic song was written especially for the Million Dollar Mysteries series by recording artist (and brother of the author) David Starns. With its languorous saxophone and lilting melody, it's the perfect mood-setting tune to listen to as you read—or to dance to under a full moon with your own true love!

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