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"It's like the best of Chick-lit meets Agatha Christie."


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Join Mindy's Online Resource Group

Do you enjoy giving input on various questions or problems? Would you like to be an integral part of Mindy's writing team?

When Mindy writes a novel, she frequently uses various "internet loops" to send out quick questions related to her writing and get a variety of answers to find a consensus. Past inquiries have included a wide (not to mention sometimes funny) range of topics, such as:

"If you smelled bleach while walking in the woods, what would you think the smell was coming from?"

"When your family eats dinner, do you serve your plates at the stove and then sit down, or is the meal placed on the table and you serve yourself from there?"

"When you put on your socks and shoes, do you go sock-sock-shoe-shoe or sock-shoe-sock-shoe?"

As long as Mindy continues to write books, she'll need ongoing input in this manner. That's why she has created an online resource group called "Consensus". If you would like to join Consensus, you'll be on the e-mail list for receiving these types of questions from Mindy whenever the need arises.

Joining the group won't put you on any of Mindy's other mailing lists and your email address will not be shared with anyone. Mindy reads all answers and uses the information collected for her writing, but she does not reply to individual answers. Quantity of emails coming from Mindy varies, but if you sign up you can expect to receive approximately 0-5 questions in any given month. You are not obligated to answer questions when they are sent out, only when you feel like it.

Enter your email address below to join Consensus. It's fun, it's anonymous, and your answers will help Mindy more than you can imagine.

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"Clark's pacing is terrific."